Cory's message is clear and was received overwhelmingly well by our 6-12 grade students. After his presentation we had a number of staff share with us how thankful they were that we were able to bring Cory in. Please consider bringing Cory in to your school. More students need to hear his message! 

Central High School

K-12 School Counselor

The students really enjoyed your presentation, and more importantly, it made an impact as several parents mentioned that their child came home and was talking about the presentation.

Ada Borup Secondary


Every student I talked to said you were the
best speaker we've ever had!!

Murray County Central

School Counselor

I saw kids participate that I NEVER would have imagined!

Mabel Canton Secondary

School Counselor

I thought your speech would be boring but I came out crying instead. Thanks for coming and
I hope you can come here again!


High School Student

I have always been the bully and now you
really made me see that I need to change.
Thank you!


High School Student

Getting a reaction from these students is a true miracle in itself... and you did it. You have a message and a gift Cory and I hope you get plenty of opportunities to share it.

Truman Secondary

7-12 Grade Principal

 Dear Cory, I would like to thank you for the speech you made at my school today. It really changed my perspective on things in life and now I know it’s really ok to be me and not have to be like people think I need to be to fit in. Thank you again.


Middle School Student

"Cory had our students' attention throughout his entire presentation which is not an easy feat. I heard more positive feedback from students about the event than any speaker we've had. Cory really made an impact on Princeton High School."
- Barb Muckenhirn

First I need to say great job Cory. I have heard so many positive comments; you really got to these kids! They have said it was great to hear a “real” story, someone who actually gets it. You made yourself real to these kids and “not just another pep talk”. This makes me so happy as a mom that this is something that will stick with the kids and to me as a board member of the James McKnight Suicide Awareness Group proud to have been able to bring this to the kids! Your message is making a difference. Keep it up and keep telling your story. Thank you so much!

James McKnight Suicide Awareness Group

Board Member

I had an overwhelming number of students come to me and talk about how great of a presentation it was and how impacted they were by Cory’s words. It generated multiple 20-minute conversations throughout the remainder of my day. This was something the students and staff strongly needed
and are benefiting from and will continue to benefit from.

Bristol Bay Borough Schools - Naknek, Alaska


He changed the way I look at my life, and how important absolutely everything I do can impact so many people.


High School Student

Cory the day you came to my school I was seriously thinking about ending my life but you changed my mind and that night I was able to stop one other person from hurting their self.


High School Student

Following Cory's program, our students reported to their teachers that the presentation touched a chord with them. One student shared with our guidance counselor that the program made him realize he wasn't taking advantage of the opportunities his parents gave him and he wanted help in being accountable for his education. I have used his presentation as a springboard for discussions on students' actions and their effects on others.
I recommend Cory Greenwood for presentations to teenagers!
His program helped our students better understand themselves and those around them.

Mountain Lake Schools


I had the privilege of hearing Cory speak to over 3000 high school students. He speaks to students on their level and relates to them by understanding the pressures of high school, appearances, family relationships, etc. Students heard the message from Cory and their peers that they do matter. Cory shows genuine passion about seeing students overcome the struggles they're facing and knowing that they matter.
I highly recommend Cory to any organization
that is looking for a positive impact.

Carrie Hall

Mental Health Practitioner

We have had nothing but amazing feedback from the conference. Thank you for doing what you do. A real class act.

Arkansas Region 4 FBLA


This was EXACTLY what we needed to hear!

Wickford Middle School

Asst. Principal

Thank you for saving my life!


High School Student

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