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"Great message and great job of tuning in to the students. You had them on the edge of their seats... 


Mabel Canton Schools


Your Story Matters

Grades 6-12 (65 mins)

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Grades K-6 (45 mins)

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Keynote Speaking

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February 2, 2022

High School Assembly

Weiser, Idaho

February 2, 2022

Middle School Assembly

Weiser, Idaho

February 28, 2022

MS/HS Assembly

Elkton, South Dakota

March 1, 2022

MS/HS Assembly

Deuel, South Dakota

March 2, 2022

MS/HS Assembly

Saint Paul, Minnesota

March 3, 2022

HS Assembly

Mukwonago, Wisconsin

March 4, 2022

MS/HS Assembly

Wabasso, Minnesota


Your message was strong and clear. I heard a ton of positive comments from teachers and students that you were the
best speaker we've had in years.

Tracy Secondary


Your message is definitely one that the students need to hear.
This is so powerful.

Princeton Middle School


Cory is a gifted speaker. He knows how to engage large groups of students, makes them feel immediately connected to him, and gives them relevant thoughts to ponder in their daily lives. Our students were clearly touched in a way that should elicit a positive long-term impact.

Ridgevue High School


Cory was PHENOMENAL! He just spoke to our middle school kids and the impact he made was HUGE! We've had guest speakers before but he is by far the best! He delivered the message in a way that connected with the kids and that isn't always the case. If you have the chance to have Cory come talk in your school or community I would

Armand Larive Middle School


AMAZING presentation! I've never seen an auditorium full of middle schoolers so engaged, so connected, and so moved! Thank you!

Oskaloosa Middle School



The room is alive with energy as students find their seats in the auditorium. Some race to grab the last spot next to that “one friend” they have to sit next to. Others are content to sit wherever there is room. The story that lives within each and every student is different from the next. Sure, some of the details are the same. What makes each story unique is the soul of the student in the middle of it. Cory Greenwood is no stranger to students. He understands the array of challenges that this generation wakes up to every morning. Mental health, academic stresses, and family problems are just a few of the issues that our country’s greatest resource is navigating right now.

When Cory is given a microphone he steps onto the stage with passion and purpose. As a loving father to an amazing daughter, he lives to love every student the way they deserve to be loved. His program begins with hilarious stories and moments of unbridled laughter. He knows that if you want to help students listen, it is important to help them laugh.

By the time Cory shares his powerful story of losing his own father far sooner than he ever imagined, the room is locked in. As he unpacks the details of his journey, students connect with him as they reflect on their journey. His message is one of undeniable hope. He passionately proclaims to every soul in the room, “Your story matters!”

At the end of his program each and every student has heard this powerful truth. Some students cry, while others reach for a hug from one of their friends. The life present in the room is markedly different now. Students now know that they can make it. They’ve been reminded that their life has significant value.

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